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Help a Fellow Chatter!
Filed in ANNOUNCEMENT on 17-Apr-2015
Hey gang!

We have a chatter who is about to be evicted. They need 240 USD.

Please help if you can:

Let's Get Together
Filed in ANNOUNCEMENT on 21-Jan-2015
Hey gang!

So, in July Infinity Bound will be turning 10 years old. Can you believe it?!

Roo is planning a get together in Indianapolis for the weekend of July 25, 2015. It's informal and just a fun way to get together and meet each other.

If you're interested, ping Roo directly. Yes, directly! Here is her info

Email: hostingchick[at]gmail.com
AIM: hopefulprecious
Skpe: roo-belle
Or via facebook
Sponsored Games
Filed in ANNOUNCEMENT on 13-Apr-2014
Now! Who is ready for details regarding the Sponsored game?

This will be a ‘structured’ game. I will set forth all the rules/requirements/fees/information for the game prior to it taking place. On the assigned date of the game I will start at 7PM EST and will run it through 7PM EST the following day. I will be in the designated room for 24 hours and will provide a means for anyone to play in those 24 hours as long as they wish.

I will give two weeks’ notice prior to the game via our weblog and facebook. The first one will have more notice so we can work out all the kinks. There will be a designated sponsor by date, which means the money has to be in the PayPal account, or in my mailbox, by that date. This is to prevent me having to spend any part of the 24 hours giving people access to the game instead of running the game.
Rules/Governance: I will be the sole rule decider of the game. There is no room for discussion on the ruling I make, and no room for argument. If I have to make a decision and receive any grief from any of the parties involved, I will remove your access to the game – no refunds. I will be as fair as possible, and will likely settle all disputes with the role of the dice.

Relationship to Other Realms/Games/Sites: These games are not linked to any story/room/site that already exists. While we will be playing in genres that are popular across the board, I will be developing these games for the sole purpose of this avenue of Infinity Bound. I may reach out to ‘matter experts’ from various communities to help make sure my ducks are in a row, but that will be between that person and me.

Character Creation/Continuance: All characters for these games should be new, not previously played characters (unless otherwise noted). Some games will be the first session of an ongoing story. Your character will be the character you always use (unless they die) for that particular game. Should your character die in the game, I will spend time developing a new character with you to allow you to keep with the game if you choose.

In games where I would like a character sheet present, I will establish a day to help create those character sheets in enough advance time to have everyone’s character’s built. I will be the determining factor on what is acceptable for a sheet. Regardless of your level of expertise on the subject, it will be my decision if it flies or not.

Experience/Bonuses: As part of this being a sponsored game, it will have some income to it. Outside of helping to pay for the server, it will allow me to offer incentives for good role play. This can be a wide range of things, and will only be revealed at the end of the game session. Don’t worry, if you are not present but have played you are eligible.

Rating: The realm will be rated R based on the MPAA standards. However, the room will be sponsors only and a list only realm. This means there should not be any minors in the room without parental consent.

Pictures: All pictures are subject to my approval. If I ask you to take a picture down, or use a different picture, there is a reason. As part of the setup of the game, I will ask your character be sent to me so I can organize it a bit better.

Taglines: There will be rules about taglines. Why? Because I want to make the game run as smoothly as possible and that means I don’t want to have to decipher between tag and post. I will also require that you NOT put who you are out of character. This is to allow all of us to play without the stigma of our out of character relationships. This may require some of you to remove your global ignore of people in order to see their posts during the game. I will check ignore statuses and work with you to help you put the person in ignore outside of the game without you having to do much work.

Payment Method: I will setup a special page just for the game each time. It will cover all the details of the game, the rules, and the cost for the game. It will include all instructions for paying as well. I am looking into other means than PayPal that are as instant and traceable for those who are opposed to PayPal.

Cost: The cost will be 5.00 USD per login. I may, in the future, offer a subscription that will allow a user access to all games but I want to keep it simple for now. I will also allow you to purchase for other people. So, if you have a friend who wants in, but is poor, you can be the awesome nerd you are and bring them along.
Help a Fellow Chatter!
Filed in ANNOUNCEMENT on 12-Jul-2013
Hey gang!

We haven't posted a lot lately, which is probably a good thing.

It's been brought to my attention that one of our fellow gamers needs to raise a little money to see a doctor. The total amount they need is 450.00.

I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but this person is strapped from all their other medical stuff going on. We have rallied together before to send money to fellow gamers who were going to have their power cut off, or lose their internet. Some of you even helped Garth and I out when we needed groceries. We also helped raise enough money for another chatter to buy a copy of The Hobbit for her classroom.

So I am asking you now to reach into your pockets and donate for this chatter. I have included a special button below so the money will be separated from any IB chat money.

If you would like further information, please reach out to Roo via the contact form linked here.

As incentive, the realm that raises the most money wins a permanent status in public, plus their own sub-domain on Infinity Bound, or on hostingchick.com (your choice), to be used for their realm. This can include forums, blogs, and whatnot. Be sure to put the realm name where it asks for your login (along with your login) to receive credit.

Really? We Still Have to Address This?
Filed in ANNOUNCEMENT on 08-Apr-2013
You know. I'm sorely disappointed. You guys can't just leave well enough alone. You can't just show up and play. You can't just stop whining about your teeth hurting, or the things you don't like. You blast each other without thinking of the consequences of someone copying HTML code, which is not copyrighted in most of your rooms I might add. Instead of working it out peacefully and between yourselves before coming to me and demanding something you blasted and got uppity. Now there are hurt feelings and I have to be the bad guy here. So here is it.

Laura, your post was wholly uncalled for. You are way out of line if you think your basic HTML coding and layout is in any way protected when used in a public realm, especially when there is no indication of copyright on the doorway. Then to demand I deal with it, only makes me dig in and stick to my anti-interference policy in regards to room squabbles. To even prove a point, look at all the portal sites out there that have such a similar layout and wording that you would guess they are all coded by the same person. Why? Because the huge marketing firms did research and discovered that businesses made more money when they all sort of looked alike and people could find their way around in an easy and familiar fashion. If you do not want your code looked at, you need to code the inability to View Source, or be a private realm.

Drakecadia people. Since you have changed the doorway I can't see what it was. But I'm guessing it was pretty darn close to their wording and whatnot, You were also in the wrong and should have spoken to them first. Matthew and Laura are pretty good people and would have likely helped you with your realm setup versus blasting you like Laura did. I apologize that this happened, and have forwarded your email on to another staff member to help you fix the doorway. Likely what has happened is you copied and pasted the HTML straight from View Source and it will not work. You have to put the MACROS in place where they belong or it won't load properly.

I am guilty of being a snobby bitch myself. Mostly because I think some of you need to grow up and start doing for yourselves. Quit this woe is me crap in the room. We're here to have a good time and right now, I'm not having a good time because I have to wrangle you like you're toddlers. Or I have to stare at your neon colored 10 lined handles with stupid crap in it that is useless. And nothing makes me ibox you guys faster than the porn star pictures. I use naked pictures, but you know what? None of my pictures came from a place that is pay to spank.

Either way, I'm sick of this petty crap. I'm sick of feeling like I have to coddle you so your little emo-egos don't get butt hurt and weepy. Grow a pair. Have some fun. Who knows, try being nice for a little while and see where that gets you?
Admin Status
Filed in ANNOUNCEMENT on 17-Sep-2012

I just wanted to give you guys the heads up.

Garth and I are in the process of obtaining second jobs so we will have very little free time.

Currently we are both working full time as well.

So, we will answer all of your requests. They may not be answered until the following weekend.

We were on vacation from 8/24-9/4 for my mother's birthday.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send them to us.
Feature: System Forums
Filed in ANNOUNCEMENT on 23-Jul-2012
Did you know that we have System Forums?

They're ugly as sin at the moment because I didn't get to them when I went to the green dashed theme. It's on my to do list for this week.

But these are forums on the system that allow you to reply to all the system announcements made.

Just login to your Infinity Bound account and in the upper left hand corner of the chat portal there they are.

Comment away! Just note that what you put out there is out there until Garth or I delete it. So if you're mean and snarky it can never be undone!
Puppet Notes Added to Puppet Configuration
Filed in ANNOUNCEMENT on 22-Jul-2012
New Feature Added!

The ability to retain puppet notes in your puppet config screen has been added!

Here is how you will create your puppet notes:

1. Create a web page with the data regarding the puppet.
2. Go to your puppet's configuration page.
3. Enter the URL in Puppet Homepage.
4. Click Alter.

It will then display your data at the bottom of your puppet screen below where you can preview your post!
Admin Status
Filed in ANNOUNCEMENT on 07-Jun-2012

Things have been quiet around here. Mainly because people were focusing on school, work, and moving.

But we're back and somewhat settled. Over the next few weeks Roo will be focusing on getting all of the email kinks worked out. You should be getting nightly stats and post extracts. We just need to get the domain email working for those who used that.

Awhile back we asked for some site admin assistance. We have added one admin, but we haven't unveiled her yet. We need to get in touch with the other person to see if they are still interested. This role is solely to help people with realm setup, and populating rooms. It is not a decision making role in regards to how Infinity Bound is operated. If you are interested please email [Email] to let us know.

Several realms were wiped out due to being empty for several months in a row. Nothing was removed if you even had so much as 1 post in the room in the past several months. If you had 0 across the board, we assumed you abandoned the room. If you want your room back email us so we can talk about it.

Please pass the facebook link around! We have found this is the best way to update everyone involved with Infinity Bound. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/23466378692/

Congratulations to our graduates! Several of our users graduated in May/June.

More to come . . .
Admin Off Duty
Filed in ANNOUNCEMENT on 21-Dec-2010
Garth and I will be out of pocket from 12/22 - 12/31 for admin duties. There are no backup people.

If everything breaks, please email [Email]

Otherewise, any donations made, rooms requested, and whatnot will have to wait until 1/1/2011.

Have a great holiday, whatever you celebrate.