Agreement means this Agreement, including an understanding and acceptance of this and all of the following articles as listed within this document.

Confirmation means the acceptance of the agreement between the Chatter and Infinity Bound Chat, which may be enforced from the time of acceptance of this agreement.

Infinity Bound Chat means the hosting service for the chatting system. Which includes but is not limited to, chatting, posting on message board, the hosting pages, images and/or galleries on it's server.

Chatter means the person who has signed this agreement and enters the website with all knowledge of these rules and regulations.

Owner means the person who created the public realm within which the users are chatting.

Public Realm means any realm that is listed on /chat/gate.pl and is visible by all chatters logging into the system.

Verified Realm means any realm that requires any form of adult verification to gain access to the realm.

Hybrid Realm means any realm that is not listed on /chat/gate.pl but is controlled by an owner.

Private realm means any realm that is not listed on /chat/gate.pl and is not controlled by any person.


1. Infinity Bound Chat is responsible for upholding and adhering to United States federal law where the law pertains to the site as a whole. They will make every effort to provide a safe environment for all chatters.

2. Infinity Bound Chat is not responsible for any content posted within a Public Realm or Hybrid Realm. That responsibility solely lies on the Owner of said realm.

3. Owners are responsible for upholding and adhering to United States federal law within the confines of their individual realms. This includes but is not limited to:

  • The practice, discussion and/or advocating of illegal activities.
  • Transmittance of any and all pornographic materials to minors
  • The creation of material involving scenes that would be considered pedophilic in nature.
    • Excluding scenes where the historical/social content was legally acceptable.
  • The discrimination/harassment of any groups and/or individuals based of race, creed, beliefs, sex or as defined in the United States criminal code.

4. The circumvention of bans, through the creation of additional accounts or by violation of terms outlined above, will result in the permanent, immediate and unconditional banning from Infinity Bound Chat. The Chatter will also accept that these procedures come without the benefit of appeal.

5. While Infinity Bound Chat prides itself on the privacy of it's players, the impersonation of the staff, administrators, supervisors or any other chatter will not be tolerated. This of course includes the creation of a handle in order to seed confusion or conflict, or the alteration of said handles in order to lead others to believe the chatter is someone else.

6. The use of bots, spiders and/or other electronic means to collect other chatters' personal information will result in the immediate termination of the account and subsequently denying all associated address spaces from which those processes originated from.


1. Information provided during the registration process or during the course of the chatters stay on Infinity Bound Chat will not be released, or sold in any way, shape, or form. This includes, but it not limited to:

  • Selling the information for reasons of profit
  • Giving out the information to sister sites to encourage a migration and intermixing of players
  • Referring to confidential information in publicly accessible documents or realms.
  • Infinity Bound Chat also agrees to not enter into any contract that will force the release of confidential information that is user specific.

2. The chatter agrees that the information provided is valid (including, but not limited to, a valid email address), allowing Infinity Bound Chat to contact the chatter if the need arises. This includes, but it not limited to:

  • Notice of system failure
  • Planned changes regarding the system
  • Planned change of ownership.

3. Owner accounts that have invalid information will be removed from Owner status. Chatter accounts that have invalid information will be removed from Infinity Bound Chat.

4. All accounts/posts/chatters' activities will be logged, monitored and stored into a database and/or a series of log files. While the information is confidential and will not be distributed as per the prior agreement by Infinity Bound Chat, the chatter is hereby informed that such a practice is taking place. The chatter also agrees that Infinity Bound Chat itself can reference this information for the purpose of statistics building, mediation of conflict, or any other reason so long as it does not violate the privacy agreement. This includes:

  • Public realm posts
  • Dice posts
  • Public realm private messages
  • Hybrid realm posts
  • Hybrid realm private messages
  • Private realm posts (only in database backups)
  • Private real private messages (only in database backups)
  • Bannings from Public Realms and Hybrid Realms
  • Nightly Statistics from all realms.


1. Infinity Bound Chat agrees to allow a Chatter the ability to expose literary and graphical works with donations meeting criteria as per the Article V (DONATIONS).

2. The Chatter agrees that all works posted within Infinity Bound Chat are for non-profit and that Infinity Bound Chat will not be used to gain any profit. Gallery images will not be linked for the purpose of selling artwork.

3. The Chatter agrees to be bound by United States copyright laws regarding stored works. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted written material, images which carry with them no permission to be used by the copyright owner. All original works by the chatter will automatically carry forth their copyright unless otherwise specified by said chatter.

4. The chatter also agrees that as a possible user of the gallery component, that Infinity Bound Chat has the right to perform periodic audits and subsequent removal of material that is deemed offensive. If any material is found to violate valid copyright laws or is illegal in nature as per the terms defined in Article II (CONDUCT), the material may not only be removed but can result in subsequent warnings followed by a possible banning of said Chatter.

5. The chatter will agree that any copyright disputes involving the chatter and a third party over copyright material will not be handled by Infinity Bound Chat. The chatters are themselves responsible for the enforcement of their copyrights across the provided medium.

6. Public Realms are accountable for their activity. All realms must maintain a post average greater than one (1) for a ninety (90) day period. This is calculated by taking the average number of posts on the last calendar day of the month (second column of nightly statistics), adding it to the two (2) previous month's average, and dividing by ninety (90). If the number is less than one (not rounded) the realm will be moved Hybrid Realm status.

  • Public Realms that are sponsored via donations are not held to this requirement

7. Hybrid Realms are accountable for their activity. All Hybrid realms are removed if there is no activity for a six (6) month period. This includes realm that have been demoted from Public Realm status.


1. Chatters agree that donations made come with no warranty as per Article VIII (WARRANTY) and that donations cannot be refunded at any time.

2. Chatters understand that donations made to Infinity Bound Chat will go towards the upkeep or upgrades of the site, support in technical/design questions for Public and Hybrid Realms.

3. In the case of donations done electronically using the existing infrastructure which meet the necessary criteria of a donation will allow chatters to reach contributor based features. This also allows the chatter to reach previously unavailable content restricted to contributors.

4. Donations will not be tracked/accounted for outside of providing the Chatter with agreed rewards of donations.

5. Donations for adult verification cannot be made by 3rd parties for the Chatter.


1. Chatters will aid Infinity Bound Chat in keeping updated contact information as per the agreement of Article III (PRIVACY).

2. Infinity Bound Chat reserves the right to revoke the Chatter's membership if it is discovered that a chatter has infringed this agreement in any manner.

3. Infinity Bound Chat will monitor any reported problems a chatter may have regarding site level issues. They will not monitor reported problems within Public Realms and Hybrid Realms if it is a single realm issue.

4. Infinity Bound Chat will contact the local authorities if the Chatter, or Owner, has violated any laws within the United States of America.

5. Infinity Bound Chat will not mediate conflict between Chatters and Realm owners.

6. Owners are required to maintain a positive and encouraging environment that promotes the ideas of a community, fair play, and civility.

7. Owners reserve the right to revoke Chatter's membership from their realm for any reason. Length of bans are entirely the Owner's decision. All bans performed will be copied to the site staff for reference automatically.

8. Owners agree to follow these guidelines when banning a user. This information is automatically mailed to the Chatter and to Infinity Bound Chat for reference:

  • They will provide a reason that is civil in nature.
  • They will specify a reason, even if this reason is that they do want that person in the room. Acceptable reasons include but are not limited to:
    o Chatter is not welcome in room
    o Chatter is offensive and disruptive in room
    o Chatter broke rule: RULE HERE
    o Chatter did not comply with staff's request


1. The chatter is hereby warned that this document may be changed/adapted at any point in time by Infinity Bound Chat. However, Infinity Bound Chat vows that the spirit of the agreement will remain essentially static, and that only supplementary information or more complete definitions will be added in order to make the document more readable.

2. If the nature or spirit of the document itself is to change, Infinity Bound Chat is to inform the chatters of this change using email as the chosen transport. The chatter is warned however, to verify for changes on a periodic intervals of time as to keep abreast with possible revisions.


1. The chatter agrees that with the use of this service comes no warranty as to availability, data integrity, security, or quality of service. The service is provided free of charge and will continue solely at the discretion of Infinity Bound Chat. The service is provided as is without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

If you have any further questions about the site before joining please send your questions/concerns to support.