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Infinity Bound: Where Life's the Game
Quick Help
This section is designed to aid you in quickly finding answers to questions frequently asked to the realm owners, support staff, or even other users on the site. If you cannot find the answer you need here, please e-mail the faq team.
Does Infinity Bound offer web hosting?
We do offer web hosting. For more information regarding having your domain hosted on our server please click here.
How do I clean out cookies/temp files?
For older IE Users this article is very helpful:


For IE 7 users:

Go to Tools > Delete Browsing History and follow the prompts on the screen.

For Firefox Users:

Go to Tools > Clear Private Data and follow the prompts on the screen.

For Google Chrome Users:

Go tool the wrench icon and click Options. Then click clear browsing data.
How do I contact someone concerning Infinity Bound?
All of our contact information is located at
How do I join the site?
Click Here
How do I keep up to date with Infinity Bound news?
Click here
Where is Infinity Bound hosted?
We are hosted through a company called Arbor Hosting.
Who maintains Infinity Bound?
Garth and Joey Sanders are the owners and maintainers of Infinity Bound.
Can I be a realm staff member and a realm owner?
Yes! You can be a staff member in one realm while owning your own realm. You can be an owner in multiple realms as well. The only thing you can't do is be an owner and a staff in the same realm.
What is required for a public realm?
All realms/chat sites/stories are allowed to be discussed in public in a positive way.

All ratings/rules/contact information needs to be linked and/or displayed in the doorway. This includes posting the required rating logo from our ratings.

Only make people host level that -need- it. Use the moderator functions otherwise.

That you will be actively using this realm and understand that realms may be removed for non-use per the site administration's judgment.

You will encourage and support an atmosphere within your realm that is inclusive and positive.

Actively using your room is defined by maintaing an average greater than zero in a 30 day period. We remove rooms that do not maintain this average for 90 days.

Where are my nightly statistics for my realm?
Nightly Statistics are turned off by default. If you wish to have this feature, you will need to go to your User Details and select the option to receive your statistics.
Where can I find help for designing my realm?
There are two ways to get help for designing your realm.

The first way is to do the following:

  1. Login
  2. Go to Realm Controls
  3. Select your realm and click the button
  4. Select Realm Design
This first screen, before you select any section to edit has ALL the realm design help listed in it you could possibly want. It's a LOT of information so keep scrolling to find the section you want to learn about.

The second method is to contact our design team at our contact page and select the "Realm Design Question" option.

If you cannot see all this information and you are in Firefox, it is due to settings you have adjusted in your firefox. This script has been tested in Firefox 2.0 (default), Google Chrome, and IE 7/8 (default).
Why can't I ignore a user in my realm?
The system, by default, makes it so you can see all the posts in your realm, so you can manage your realm, should there be a problem.

However, if you have a good staff and want to be able to ignore people go to the chat preferences screen.
Why won't Tab-Enter work?
This usually happens when you don't use the system defaults for designing your realms and you have adjusted the tabindex of your comm panel.

We recommend you copy your code, put it in notepad, reset your comm panel to the system default to see how it's set up, and then adjust yours accordingly.

For more specific design questions go to your realm controls and click realm design.

If you are still stuck contact our design team. Also some browsers will handle tab order differently, so make sure to include your platform and browser option on any query.
Will the Infinity Bound Staff overturn a ban in my room?
No! The support staff will -never- overturn a ban you have put in place. You are the final authority in your realm, regardless of the opinion of the staff. You have to deal with the consequences of what you do in your realm. It's not the support staff's problem unless the user is violating site policies.
Are there 'Quick Keys' in realms?
There are quick keys in realms and by using the key combinations listed below, specific actions will be completed.

Note: Based on your browser the behavior may differ.

Alt+P: Sends off a post.
Alt+T: Selects the text box.
Alt+R: Refreshes the frame / restarts stream.
Alt+Z: Brings up the post zoom window.
Alt+G: Brings up the color selection chart.

When posting however, the classical TAB-Enter combination will still be available.
Can I stop getting private messages?
Yes you can! This option is available in your chat preferences.
How can I post emoticons?
Visit the current listing of usable emoticons. In order to use them simply copy the descriptor next to the image and your done!

Note: Emoticons are not available for use everywhere. If they fail to show up, it simply means that script does not support the capability.
How do I get my own realm?
Click here
How do I protect a private room?
Password protecting a private room means added security from uninvited guests. If you intend to protect a private room called 'Secret' with the password 'safe' you enter 'safe@Secret' in the Private Room field.

This will create the room 'Secret', and allow only those with the password to enter. Note that you cannot password protect a private realm that already exists. Private realms linger on the system for 24 hours after last use, then expires. You can keep your private room indefinitely private by not allowing it to expire. Please Note:
Realm names must be at least three characters in length, even with a password before them.
What is the 'Post Zoom?'
The 'Post Zoom' allows your to increase the size of your posting window so you can compose larger posts easily. This feature also allows you to check for spelling mistakes and insert various HTML formatting with the click of a button.

In certain browsers, it is even possible to transfer a post to the post zoom in order to quickly post a reply and multi-task in realm.

This option requires javascript in order to function properly.
Why do we have gummies?
Gummies are in the system to allow for the quick access screens. You can click on a user's gummy and see contact information if they have it available for public display, allow you to private message that user, or ignore that user.

There are some users who cannot use the private message function without a gummy.
How do I remove my gummy?
Only verified users get to remove their gummy completely. Becoming a verified user is as simple as donating to Infinity Bound. If you don't want to sponsor IB you can use the default gummy that is a black gummy.
What does a 'Verified' user get?
Verified users get the following bonuses:

  • Access to Verified Only realms.
  • Access to Sponsor level gummies.
  • Account -never- expires. You won't ever have to login to keep your account active.
  • Use of the --None-- gummy, removing a gummy from your handle altogether.

Monthly sponsors are also offered various bonuses such as:

  • Peronsal wikis
  • Personal e-mail addresses
  • FTP access to their web space
What is a 'Verified' user?
This is a user that has proven their adulthood to the site by donating via PayPal. These are also users whose accounts -never- expire. For more information please visit our donation page.
Where's the keywords field for my gallery?
If you want your gallery searchable by keywords you normally create a meta tag in the header code of the document. Infnity Bound Chat does this for your automatically. When you put a description in your gallery, select a category, and/or put a description in your work, the system will automatically generate the keywords for you.
Why do my works not show up in search?
In order for works to show up in a search they need to have been updated at least once. For image galleries in particular this allows the search engine to avoid entire galleries which exist as image farms.

To make your works show up in the search, log into your gallery management and edit the individual work in that particular gallery.
Can I post with no gummy, or puppet name, in my handle?
The answer is no. There is no means to identify you when you do this. Sponsors have been given the privilege of having no gummy at all, but are warned to be sure their handles are identifiable as it is a violation of the site policy.
Can I post with only a gummi in my handle?
The answer is no. There has to be something displaying in your handle other than your gummi.

The reason for this is that there is not a means of identification if you do not have anything in your handle. Not everyone can use the gummi to identify users, or pictures.

Can we make a donation to Infinity Bound Chat?
Yes! All money donated to Infinity Bound go towards maintaining Infinity Bound. You can make a donation one of three ways:

  1. Log into PayPal and send money to ibserver@suddenlink.net
  2. Go to here and select the amount you want to donate. This uses PayPal, and you can either use your PayPal account, or you can use a credit card.
  3. Go to here and select the amount using the GoogleCheckout option.
  4. You can send via mail a check, money order, or cashier's check. Please do not send cash via the mail system.
Our Information:

Garth or Joey Sanders
2109 Prospect Ln
Aubrey, TX 76227
(940) 3655-0680
I get an error when selecting a realm!
Certain firewalls and proxys deny the use of javascript, which is heavily used in Infinity Bound Chat. To disable the javascript go to your chat preferences and disable use of javascript. Or, if you know you can use javascript and just have a hard time with the realm display, you can select to view the gateway via the 'Old Site' method.
My login does not work. What do I do?
There could be a few reasons your login does not work.

The best option is to try and reset your password. Often it's a password error.

You may also try deleting your cookies/temp files if you use automatic logins.

And finally. If it has been more than 14 days since you last logged in AND you are not a sponsor of the site, your account was automatically deleted by the system. You must re-register. To avoid this simply contribute to the site.

What happens if a user is getting an Apache Test page?
This means a user's IP address, or address group has been banned from the domain. If this user is not a banned user, please have them (NOT YOU) email infinityboundhelp@gmail.com with the following information:
  • IB Login
  • IP Address
What is the difference between chat modes?
Basic Mode
This form of chat is a single frame mode. You have to continue to click post to see other posts. Scrolling back and saving posts are including in the panel.

Framed Mode
Or as Roo likes to call 'Punishment Mode'. This is a framed mode of chat. You click post in your comm panel and then to see the posts you have to click refresh repeatedly.

Streaming Mode
This is a framed mode of chat. You click post in your comm panel and the post is put into the screen by the system. You do not need to click refresh until the file size reaches a certain point(200MB), or the time reaches it's max (30 minutes). This mode does not automatically stream the posts for you.

Auto Scroll
This is a framed mode of chat. You click post in your comm panel and the post is put into the screen by the system. It then automatically scrolls the posts displayed at the speed you choose. This mode requires use of javascript.
Who owns Infinity Bound Chat?
Infinity Bound Chat was created by Garth and Joey Sanders. Garth and Joey are gamers, artsy, geek people, who love movies, music, and video games. They have been married since February of 2000, and October of 2000. They have three cats who are all named with Star Wars-esque names.

You can usually find them somewhere on IB. Though if they're playing, the likelihood of getting your question answered is slim.
Why can't I select a handle?
There are two reasons why you can't select a handle:

Reason One:
You have tried to make a handle with characters that aren't accepted by the system, or it can't read them. You will need to fill out the error form.

Reason Two:
The staff has put chat into lockdown mode. You will need to contact them to change it.
Why don't I get E-mails?
If you are not receiving any e-mails from Infinity Bound, you may have the 'leave on site' option checked in your chat preferences. Go there and change it to send to mail.

Please Note:
By default your account is set to forward your e-mail to you and keep it off the system. So if you are not receiving email it is likely in your spam folder.