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If you have multiple gummies to request please put all the links in the DESCRIPTION box and leave the link box blank. If you do not have a link to your gummy you can describe it instead.


Everyone Level gummies are to be no lareger than 25 x 25 and must have the background color set to #000000 and the foreground color set to #ffefce.

Contributor Level gummies are to be no larger than 40 x 40 and must have the background set to #000000.

Owners, Site Staff, Realm Owners, Realm Staff, and Canon gummies will be set to the themed colors below:

Levels of Gummies

Anyone can use

Only verified people can use.

Realm Staff
Only moderator level people can use.

Realm Owner
Only realm hosts can use.

Support Staff
Only site admin can use.

Only the site owners can use.

Canon Character
Only assigned handles for canons can use.