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  1. All realms/chat sites/stories are allowed to be discussed in public in a positive way.
  2. All ratings/rules/contact information needs to be linked and/or displayed in the doorway.
  3. Only make people host level that -need- it. Use the moderator functions otherwise.
  4. That you will be actively using this realm and understand that realms may be removed for non-use per the site administration's judgment.
  5. You will encourage and support an atmosphere within your realm that is inclusive and positive.
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The rating system is based of the United States moving rating found at Public realms that anyone is able to access cannot be rated higher than the R rating. If you want your realm to have the NC-17 Rating it will need to be a verified only realm. This will limit access to only the users who have provided verification of their age to the site owners.
Quick Help
This form is preetty straight forward. Fill in the required options and click submit.

Anything marked with a * is required. If you have multiple co-hosts, put the first co-host in the box requested and then the rest in your description. If you are not sure what something is, please read below.
Realm Level
This realm is on the main list of realms, anyone can access (provided it's not list only or verified only) and anyone can see who is in the room when logged into the system.

Hybrid Listed
This realm is a private realm that is customizable. It is also listed on the main portal under the hybrid realm list instead of public realm list. Anyone can access (provided it's not list only or verified only). Users are -not- visible on the who's on list.

Hybrid Not Listed
This is a private realm that is customizable. It is not listed anywhere and users are required to put the realm name into the private realm box. Users are -not- visible on the who's on list.
Access Level
Sponsors Only
Only people who have donated to the site are able to access the room. If you want your realm to be rated "Adult" you are required to select this level of access.

List Only
Only people you add to the ban/access list in your realm controls will be allowed access into this room. This includes any realm staff, or realm owners.

Open Access
Anyone with a login can access your realm.